Local expertise, world-class solutions

There’s a lot riding on the trains and light rail cars Downer delivers and maintains. Each year, there are 520 million passenger journeys on our operated or maintained transport network.


That’s over 1 million people every day who rely on us to get to their destination safely. To make their lives easier.

With so much riding on our rollingstock services, the reliability and sustainability of our operations is paramount.

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do – and is underpinned by the ‘local expertise, world-class solutions’ mantra. 

We have over 100 years’ rail experience and a proven track record of our people at local sites across Australia and New Zealand delivering world-leading services and solutions.

One example is our data analytics platform TrainDNA – an industry-leading innovation launched by Downer this year, which captures data from trains and performs assessments to predict the remaining life of its components.

This solution enables Downer to make data-driven decisions to improve efficiencies in fleet maintenance, and delivers Zero Harm improvements as well as improving the everyday experience of our customers’ customer. It’s a world-class innovation, developed using Downer’s in-house expertise and a strategic partnership with Deakin University, and deployed on Sydney’s fleet of Waratah trains.

“This is a data analytics platform on steroids. Analysing such volumes of data will allow our team to establish trends in relative real time, enabling us to proactively predict failures and calculate the remaining life of an asset more effectively,” Executive General Manager of Rollingstock Services, Tim Young, says.

“The advantage to our customers is that all of this takes place while the train is in service without interrupting the operation. At the same time, it enhances worker safety through the potential of removing high-risk inspections.

“These enhancements in Downer’s asset management capability will boost our ability to better predict failure rates and reduce unscheduled downtimes of the train fleet, resulting in enriched outcomes for our customers and our business.”

Another example of Downer combining local expertise with world-class solutions was the production of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the Waratah Series 2 train sets – the first for rollingstock in the Southern Hemisphere, and only the 22nd globally. The EPD provides the full carbon impact and performance of the trains across their 30-year lifecycle (and beyond) and was recognised in July when Downer won the Rail Sustainability Award at the Australasian Railway Association Awards.

Downer also delivers rail infrastructure services, and again we’re bringing global sustainability trends to local projects.

In New Zealand, Downer is helping to deliver a number of contracts for Auckland’s City Rail Link, the largest transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in the country.

City Rail Link is focused on delivering a benchmark for sustainable infrastructure in New Zealand, with a goal to build New Zealand’s largest transport project and leave behind a social and cultural legacy for Auckland.

Downer has led the way in this space by partnering with customer, City Rail Link Limited, to introduce the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) Rating Scheme to New Zealand.

“Sustainability is a cornerstone of the CRL project. It is vital we integrate sustainability into the design, construction and maintenance of the project assets. By using the talented people we have internally and by partnering with the right people externally, we will help to deliver a project that will set the benchmark for sustainable infrastructure in New Zealand,” Downer New Zealand’s EGM Infrastructure Projects John Burden says.